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4-Day Turnaround

There are many reasons why a person would need a custom mouth guard. One of the most common reasons is due to one having Bruxism. Bruxism is the involuntary or habitual act of grinding your teeth. The use of dentist mouth guards for teeth grinding prevents headaches, excess tooth wear, jaw pains, and keeps one’s teeth properly aligned. Another common indication is for those that play sports, especially those that involve high impact games. At Keating Dental we offer top quality, personalized mouth guards for optimized comfort and protection. Our mouth guards are provided with quick turnaround time of only 4 days. Each dental mouth guard is custom fit and is designed to last. Our Thermoform Department is equipped with thelatest premium materials and technologies to create all types of night guards, Pro-Guard sports guards, bite splints, and bleaching trays.

Custom Night Guards

We offer custom night guards for sleeping that are perfect for anyone who involuntarily grinds or clenches their teeth. One of our most popular night guards are the Ultraguards. This type of mouth guard can come in either a hard or soft form depending on your personal preferences and needs. Our other models include clear hard splints and soft flexible splints.

Custom Astron CLEARsplint™ Night Guard Benefits

  • • Better fit for more comfort

  • • Hand processed for hard and hard/soft guards

  • • Retainers are less bulky

  • • The guard is clear for an almost invisible look

  • • Can be worn throughout the day or night

  • • Breathing capabilities are unhindered

Additional Night Guard Features

  • • Custom pressure fit mouth guards

  • • Heat and pressure injected “Flexible” Hard Night Guard

  • • Precise fit and function

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Sports can often lead to oral injuries that could have been prevented by using a dental sports mouth guard. Custom mouth guards, or bite guards, can prevent bruising and lacerations during impacts, tooth fractures, neurologic injuries, and much more. Our Pro Sports Guard is specially designed to prevent these injuries from occurring and is individualized to our patient. We can include logos, colors and names to make the sportsguard exactly how you want it. All of these customizable features are made possible due to our Vacuforming system and materialsassuring an accurate fit with lasting durability.

  • • 4m thickness

  • • Customized colors and team logos

  • • Better fit and function than over the counter kits

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