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Keating Dental Zirconia

5-Day Turnaround

KDZ™ is the trademark name for our CAD/CAM Zirconia. Utilizing the top open architecture scanners in the industry (Dental Wings and 3Shape), our CAD/CAM team designs very accurate fitting frameworks.

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3-Year Warranty

Long-span bridges, Maryland bridges and inlay or onlay retained bridges are all successfully constructed by our highly-trained CAD/CAM experts.

Unparalleled Performance

3 unit frame single bridgeWe only use medical grade Zirconia as our substrate. In fact, our products original indication was for artificial hips, knee and back joints.

KDZ™ Zirconia Bridge & Single Coping
With Shaun Keating's name behind it, you are guaranteed his research benefits you and your patients with superior results.

Unmatched Strength

With an unmatched strength of over 1400 mPa, you can rest assured our Zirconia is FDA registered, ISO certified and is not some cheap knock-off.

KDZ™ CAD/CAM Zirconia 6 Unit Bridge

Our lab fabricates restorations to create incredibly life-like smiles with uniform vitality for your patients.

Outstanding Specifications

Crowns adapted to partials, crowns with polished Zirconia stops for limited inter-occlusal space and crowns over implants are designed and fabricated.

  • 1400mPa flexural strength
  • Natural, vital esthetics
  • Metal-free
  • Precise fit
  • 14 unit bridges, up to 6 pontics
  • Cement with Apex products
  • Interface™
  • Simplicity™
  • Anchor™

Procera® CAD/CAM

Procera CAD/CAM restorations are available at Keating dental labs.Since its introduction in 1992 to the United States, Procera® has set the standard for laboratory CAD/CAM restorations. With an unparalleled track record and history in the CAD/CAM market, differing coping thickness for greater versatility. Procera continues to produce excellent fitting and tremendously esthetic restorations.

Procera® Benefits

  • Sets the standard for lab CAD/CAM
  • Alumina and zirconia copings
  • Excellent fit
  • Tremendously esthetic restorations
  • Noritake Cerabien or CZR porcelain
  • Proven strength - all-ceramic beauty
  • Highly biocompatible material
  • Cement with Apex
  • 8-Day Turnaround

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