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Be one of 15 dentists participating in this live patient course. Join Dr. David Hornbrook for some incredible sun and fun in Southern California this fall at Keating.

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Dick Butkus and Keating Dental Arts are a perfect fit.



Who Needs A Hammer?

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KDZ Bruxer®
Patient and Fan
Dick Butkus
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Keating Dental Arts PFM Crown and Bridge Lab


Incredibly Vital Crown and Bridge With Minimal Adjustment at Delivery

PFM's Done Right - Right On-Time!

Originally developed to revive both the full-contour form, as well as the margin area of the tooth, the inherent low value of Noritake™ porcelain, along with a slightly more intense chroma will deliver that "WOW" effect you have always wanted. We guarantee your satisfaction.

- Fast 5-Day Turnaround
- Assigned Technical Teams
- Consistent, High Quality Esthetics
- 100% Made in the U.S.A.
- Thorough Knowledge of PFM's
- Proactive Communication
- Comprehensive Case Protocols

Keating's dental laboratory exclusive, THE DELINEATOR™.


“4-in-1 Implant Tool”

Radiographic Guide

Surgical Stent


Implant Locator

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Keating maintains a dedicated Removables Department.



At Keating, all our full dentures are heat and pressure cured for improved fit and strength using Ivoclar's Ivocap™ system.

Prosthetic Appliances - Valplast | tcs Flexible Partials

Take advantage - try our featured removables products. Experienced professionals create Valplast and tcs partials at Keating Dental Arts.

Keating Dental Arts provides clinical guides. Download your Keating Dental Arts clinical guide now.


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- IPS e.max®

- The Delineator™

Keating clinical guides - download now.Keating clinical guide.

Download FREE clinical guides now for IPS e.max®, The Delineator™ and the KDZ™ (Keating Dental Zirconia) family of crown and bridge restorations.

Digital dentistry at its finest, Keating Dental Arts.


Cadent iTero: An accurate impression is fundamental to a successful outcome in restorative dentistry. Conduction digital impression procedures with cadent iTero... Read more..

Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S: The result of proprietary and innovative technology consisting of revolutionary... Read more..

CEREC® CONNECT: The world's largest digital dental network and the number of restorations produced through it are growing repidly. Dentists perfer laboratory produced restorations from digital impressions because ... Read more..

Ask us about digital impressions at Keating Dental Arts.


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    How to Obtain The Perfect Bite Registration at Keating Dental Labs The value of long lasting gold restorations at Keating's dental lab.
    Occlusal clearance is important for our dental lab at Keating. Onlay case at Keating dental laboratory.

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Oct 2014


Keating presents an exciting opportunity to join one of dentistry’s greats — Dr. David Hornbrook. LIMITED AVAILABILTY! Sign-up online. See Keating at events nationwide. Keating events include stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and New York. Visit with Shaun's amazing team November 30th - December 3rd, 2014 in New York, NY. We look forward to meeting you soon at the Greater NY Dental Meeting.

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'Articulations' details the latest innovations taking place exclusively at Keating Dental Arts. View Keating's news updates on our dental news page now.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • Keating Dental Arts is by far the best dental lab I have experienced. All of my cases go to Keating, from the denture cases, to the cheap non-precious cases, to the 6 veneer cases, to the full mouth cases, Keating does it all, does it well, and does it for a fair fee. Their customer service is amazing. They get to know their docs, and they treat you right. Many thanks to Shaun and the staff at Keating Dental Arts!
    Dr. David H., Wichita, KS - DDS
  • I've tried several dental labs looking for the right artistic ability to show through those crowns. With Keating Dental Arts, I have completed my search for the perfect restoration. Whether it is an all-ceramic veneer or a full crown restoration, it all comes together, aesthetics, contour, and fit. Tooth morphology at its finest. Plus, Shaun's unconditionally attentive staff makes my experience worthy of a genuine partner. My appreciation to you guys!
    Dr. Rosemarie A.-W., Hollywood, CA - DDS
  • I have been using Shaun and his team since they opened their doors. It continues to amaze me that they are not the one of the small laboratories right around the corner-great customer service, consistently solid work - they are the “Cheers” lab -- where everybody knows your name. I know that they're big, but - they also have a big heart. That is something they will never outgrow. Thanks Team Keating -- you guys and gals are amazing!
    Dr. Michael M., Spokane, WA - DDS
  • Shaun Keating is an icon amongst dental laboratory owners. He simply delivers peace of mind and exceptional work. With new technology and existing products being frequently re-engineered, they successfully adapt to meeting our needs. Their contribution is critical to my practice success and patient satisfaction. His most recent Townie Award, for Best Crown and Bridge Laboratory, delivers a strong message of personal service and craftsmanship. Thank you.
    Dr. Eric K., Boston, MA - DDS
  • Single unit central cases are by far one of the more difficult cases that dentists are presented with. While working with Keating from across the US, we were able to nail this case on the first try. Due to their dedication to excellence and vast knowledge of materials cases like this can and are done with ease. Thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Keating for making this case an overwhelming success.
    Dr. John C., Tampa, FL - DDS
  • Keating Dental Arts is a first class operation. Crowns always come on time and if there are any concerns from their end, they are quick to call. Their Captek crowns are done perfectly, from fit to finish. I give a big thumbs up to Keating.
    Howard G., Bethlehem, PA - D.M.D.
  • Keating Dental Arts is the best laboratory that I have used in my 23 year career! Starting from the first case with Keating, I immediately noticed the professionalism of their staff and promptness of their delivery schedule. The model work is clean and accurate, the prosthesis is delivered in a clear suspended jewel case and the fit, occlusion and color match is exceptional. I've done simple single unit crowns and inlays to full mouth rehabilitation cases with Keating. Their work has shined. I've tried large, nationally known labs, local labs plus others in between. Keating stands heads and shoulders above every laboratory I've used...a real winner!
    Dr. Ronald Y., San Francisco, CA

The Premier Dental Lab in the USA

Keating Dental Arts is among the leading dental labs in America with a wide variety of dental laboratory products and services. As a national dental arts lab, we are committed to providing not only a complete range of high quality restorative products, but exemplary service as well. Our highly experienced team of certified dental technicians is second to none in their consistency, attention to detail and exceptional workmanship. From veneers to crown and bridge and denture restorations, our assigned technical teams will keep you more than satisfied with our consistent quality. At Keating Dental Arts we are dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients with products you trust, all of which are premium quality such as IPS e.max and Noritake porcelains. To achieve this we keep all work in-house and never outsource to any other laboratory. If there are ever any questions or concerns, you can quickly and easily contact us. Allow Keating Dental to show you why we are superior in dental lab supply and services.

Quality-Driven Restorations

Keating offers a wide range of restorative products and services. You can be sure each restoration meets our strict standards of quality. Our products include porcelain veneers, full-cast gold crowns and life-like zirconia / all ceramic restorations. Keating Dental Arts offers veneers which are hand-layered porcelain on platinum foil as well as porcelain fused to metal and zirconia prosthesis.

Keating Dental Arts laboratory also provides a complete offering of industry leading restorative options. Some of these include thermoformed bleaching trays lab processed provisionals, to ceramics and high-noble yellow or white gold. At Keating, restorative dentistry is our passion. We also recommend the highest quality adhesive systems and impression materials for superior long-term results. At Keating Dental, even your most difficult cases are completed with precision and timeliness.

Highly-Trained Master and Certified Dental Technicians

Keating is nationally known as one the best dental laboratories in comparison with both large and local labs. Whether it is an all-ceramic veneer or a full crown restoration, it all comes together with aesthetics, function,and fit. Experience the professionalism of our resourceful staff and the promptness of our on time, every time delivery schedule. Keating Dental Arts delivers what doctors expect from the best dental laboratory.

Our expert dental technicians work as a team to provide each dentist with personalized service on each of their cases. With our highly-trained technicians and state-of-the-art digital dental lab , we provide superior results. Give Keating Dental Arts a call
at (800) 433-9833 and see what we can do for your dental practice!